BRITCO is a privately owned marketing company that specializes in the coordination, organization and execution of face to face fundraising events for international non-profit organizations. Since opening our doors in 2015 in New York & expanding to Houston in 2020, we have successfully executed thousands of pop-up fundraising sites that have expanded the mission of our clients. 


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At BRITCO we offer over 7 years of collective experience in order to fulfill your fundraising needs. We strive to ensure that the most vulnerable message is heard.
We strive to ensure that the most vulnerable's message is heard and for that we have the following services in place. 

At BRITCO we offer our Non-Profit clients a wide array of ways to connect directly with their donors. Our teams are professionally trained to talk to upward of 100 potential donors per week in order to achieve weekly, monthly and quarterly fundraising targets.


We believe in the individuality and importance of our clients' mission. We are proud to provide the best return on investment to our clients through face to face fundraising and marketing. We believe that there is nothing more authentic and of higher quality than what can be achieved through direct personalized story telling through fundraising.


Our team of fundraising coordinators and managers are ready to provide the best service to make sure we are able to have continued growth and success. The mission and vision of each charity we work with will get  the exposure and funds it deserves.

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Our Clients

We work with some of the most top rated charities in the world. All of the causes are worthy, which makes it that much easier and exciting  to get behind their missions. Whether it’s helping to end hunger and poverty through a self reliance approach, to empowering children through child sponsorship, or even helping to save animals by stopping animal cruelty our team is proud to represent them. We appreciate the luxury to work hand in hand and represent these undeniably reputable organizations.

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In 2020 BRITCO expanded to Houston, Texas to divide and conquer a new market and explode in growth. To date, BRITCO has worked with over 25 charities and is responsible for more than 20 million USD raised directly for the charities.


BRITCO was founded in New York in 2015 fundraising on behalf of the largest global non profit organizations. Britco is very fortunate to spread awareness and shed light on the messages of some of the most impactful causes and missions worldwide. The individuals within the company are proud of the opportunity to grow while also doing community outreach and raising money for world class non profits. 

At BRITCO we offer over 7 years of collective experience in order to fulfill the mission of the non profit organizations we represent. The charities we represent have amazing missions which makes us strive to work that much harder to make sure we exceed our goals. We have a passionate team that is honored to provide the opportunity to change the  lives of so many people around the world.

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Our Vision

BRITCO believes in offering an opportunity to those who have a strong sense of work ethic, positive attitude, and passion to learn and grow. There is immense mentorship provided that fosters personal and professional development. BRITCO believes personal and professional growth are one in the same. We have a commitment  to see each individual reach their full potential while working together to do so. Synergy and teamwork are the fabric of what makes the company have a solid foundation.


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